Photochemistry - Prototype development system

  • A coiled, flow reactor surrounds an array of diodes at a fixed wavelength.
  • High output lamps are used, driving the chemistry fast, giving high yields.
  • Being a flow system, product is continually produced.
  • Yields as high as 98-99% are frequently, easily achieved.


Compared to batch operation, flow photochemistry has several advantages, including:

  • Consistent light penetration.
  • Exposure time is controlled.
  • Temperature control is more precise.
  • Product continuously passes through the system maintaining optimal conditions.
  • Flow Photochemistry produces:
  • Higher yields with better selectivity, faster.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Easier purification.
  • Free Radical reactions have modest power requirements.
  • Stoichiometric chemistry requires require high power.
  • High power LED’s with specific frequency for high quantum efficiency – best solution.
  • High power halogen and metal halide lamps offer broad spectrum, and high power 300W – 2kW.
  • We now have an 8kW LED system available.
  • Low pressure UV lamps – lower power but emission at specific wavelengths.
  • Generally designed to meet the requirements of individual projects.

Photochemistry System

  • Example photochemistry system, built in-house.
  • First Generation System
  • Using an 8kW lamp, this generates 1.5 tonnes annually if put to continuous use.

Development and Commercial Systems

  • In addition to development, we supply a number of commercial machine options.
  • We have a one, a two and a four tube option.
  • The two tube option has demonstrated commercial scale at 1.5 tonnes per annum output, the 4 tube option is capable of 3 tonnes per annum.
  • Each tube is powered by a 4kw LED light source.
  • Therefore the commercial machines are sized as 4, 8 and 16kw.
  • The commercial systems will be backed up by a development system.
  • This approach has been demonstrated on several commercial projects to date.